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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our dog and cat boarding facilities?

Here are answers to our frequently asked questions:

Can you drop my dog off in my yard?2022-04-19T05:53:25-06:00

We prefer not to leave dogs in yards unless there is an open doggie door into the house or obvious shelter and water. No dogs will be left in yards during inclement weather.

Do you accept aggressive dogs at your dog boarding facility?2022-04-19T05:53:57-06:00

Unfortunately, we do not accept aggressive dogs due to the fact that we are a social group play facility. We welcome dogs that play well with others, and your dog must be able to successfully mix into one of our play groups.

Do you provide pet grooming services?2022-04-19T05:54:10-06:00

Yes! We provide dog grooming. If your dog is staying five nights or longer, he will receive a complimentary bath and brush. For shorter stays, you may request grooming for an additional fee. See rates.

Does anyone live onsite?2022-04-19T05:50:50-06:00

Yes, there are several employees that live full time on the property.

Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered?2022-04-19T05:53:47-06:00

Yes, we only accept dogs that have been spayed or neutered by 18 months of age.

Does your dog boarding facility have a pool?2022-04-19T05:53:13-06:00

Yes! Our dog-boarding facility is equipped with an outdoor pool that is open daily from April through November depending on the weather. Our doggie swimmers are always supervised and first timers must wear a life jacket. The in-ground pool is heated and 12′ wide x 22′ long x 4′ deep.

How much does it cost to board my pet?2022-04-19T05:53:07-06:00

Dog and cat boarding plus pet pick-up and delivery have different fees. You can check out our full rates table by clicking here.

Should I have my dog treated for pests before he comes?2022-04-19T05:53:19-06:00

Although fleas and ticks are not a problem in our area, we recommend that you treat your dogs with flea/tick prevention before boarding them with us.

Dog playing fetch with tennis ball in the Doggie Dude Ranch dog play yard
Dogs playing in the Doggie Dude Ranch dog play yard
What are your hours of operation?2022-04-19T05:54:17-06:00

Our kennel is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

What if I need to send medications with my pet?2022-04-19T05:53:36-06:00

Medications and supplements must be sent with the original prescription bottle with the dosage amount and the pet’s name.

What should I send with my pet?2022-04-19T05:53:58-06:00

Please bring enough food and medications for your pet’s stay. Food does not need to be individually bagged for each meal. Bulk food in a bag or sealed container is preferred. We have beds, blankets and metal bowls, but you are welcome to bring your pet’s bed, blanket or toy. Please label all items. Please do not bring glass or ceramic containers or measuring cups for the food.

What vaccinations does my pet need to have?2022-04-19T05:53:43-06:00

We require up to date vaccinations for all dogs and cats:
o Dogs: Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella
o Cats: Feline combination

When are your pet pickup and drop off times?2022-04-19T05:54:11-06:00

We will come pick up or drop off your dog or cat between 8:00-10:00 in the morning and 2:00-4:00 in the afternoon.

When can I visit the facilities for a tour?2022-04-19T05:54:02-06:00

You can visit our dog and cat boarding facilities from 10:45am to 12:30pm daily, though you must make an an appointment first.

Contact us if you’d like to schedule an in-person tour.

Where are you located?2022-04-19T05:54:11-06:00

We are located at 1600 South Quail Run Road; Watkins, CO 80137. View map.

Where can I view photos of my dog or cat?2022-04-19T05:53:51-06:00

You can easily see just how much fun your pet is having at our resort. We frequently take pictures of our furry visitors and paste them on our Facebook Page.

Will my dog catch kennel cough?2022-04-19T05:53:03-06:00

While the spread of kennel cough can be minimized by proper cleaning, isolating obviously sick dogs, and properly ventilating the facility, remember that no amount of supervision, sanitation, or personalized care is guaranteed to be 100% effective against the virus. Doggie Dude Ranch requires all dogs boarding to have vaccinations up to date, and we follow strict disinfecting cleaning processes.  Please book a tour to visit the ranch and see first-hand how we minimize Kennel Cough.

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