A Note From the Owner…

Hi, we are Dave and Melanie and we couldn’t be more excited and proud to be the owners of the Doggie Dude Ranch! In the past, we struggled to find a place to board our beloved pets. We wanted a dog and cat boarding facility that would have the very best in pet amenities, combined with the nurturing and loving human interaction pets thrive on at home. That is why we purchased the Doggie Dude Ranch in 2020. We purchased it during a very unstable time because we quickly realized what a gem it was and that it offered others what we longed for ourselves. We are dedicated to taking the best possible care of your furry loved ones, continuing the legacy of the Doggie Dude Ranch.

Dave and Melanie Knudtson standing by Doggie Dude Ranch and O'Cat Corral sign

Our staff loves animals

The Doggie Dude Ranch staff are first and foremost, absolutely animal lovers!! They bring their passion for animals to the ranch every day. Whether supervising the dog play yards, fluffing beds, refreshing waters, or giving baths, our staff pours on the love. It is really something to see. It is our mission to continue to train our staff to be exceptional pet caregivers and playmates.

Doggie Dude Ranch and O'Cat Corral staff photo in front of registration lodge

Lots of interactive play time!

Dog and cat guests at the Doggie Dude Ranch experience all the interactive play they would receive at the finest dog or cat daycare, along with a warm and caring boarding experience. Our outdoor play yards are designed with the dog’s safety and fun as top priorities.

All play times are adult supervised and, at the end of a full and active day, the dogs settle in with an afternoon treat served in their individual suites.

A cozy stay for cats

Our feline guests have their own separate cat boarding area as well as their own private cat condos with separate litter spaces to ensure the cleanliness that cats need and deserve. The front windows of our condos allow our cat guests to satisfy their curiosity by watching all of the activity of the facility.

A loyal and satisfied customer base

We are very proud of our dog and cat boarding facility and the fact that our guests’ owners tell us they would never leave their best friends with anyone else. We would love to have you and your pets come by for a visit and a tour so we can get acquainted.

Dave and Melanie Knudtson
Doggie Dude Ranch and The O’Cat Corral

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